Nirzari Gupta

I am a computer engineering graduate (2020). Currently, I am flourishing my knowledge in the field of AI and Computer vision and looking for an opportunity to apply my skills in betterment of people and environment by contributing in sustainable development. I am also interested to work in interdisciplinary research areas like Cognitive science, Quantum computing, AI in Astronomy, AI for environment etc.

My previous projects were in the fields of Computer vision, Deep learning, Transfer learning, IOT, Image processing and AI using tools like TensorFlow, Google APIs, OpenCV, Python, Numpy, Pandas Keras, Arduino and Android application. Focus areas of my projects are technologies to support women and use of AI in medical science.
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I deeply believe in constantly learning and growing beyond curricular scope. I have completed many MOOCs and certifications from organizations like NPTEL, Coursera, Free code camp etc.

I like to participate in co-curricular activities which can put my knowledge to test. I won Smart Gujarat Hackathon (2018) and achieved 2nd rank in Alan Turing national quiz competition by Computer Society of India held at Coimbatore (2019).

In my free time I read novels, watch movies, paint and travel to meet new people and learn about different cultures.

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